2017 is around the corner, the year is finally at an end. It is during this time that we start to introspect and we wonder – just how much have we grown? If you haven’t grown or evolved for the better, then you still have one more month to do so. You can start by being accepting of others.

If there is one thing every single one of us is searching for in this life – it is acceptance. We all want to be accepted by the community we live in. And, you too are a part of the community. So, how can you be more accepting of others?

Just listen

Of course, you just want to give the other person a piece of your mind. However, don’t! Hold your tongue, hold your thought, and just listen! All the other person wants is someone to listen to them.

By just listening, you make the other person feel that you care enough for them. Whether you are listening to someone complain about life, work, college, just listen. Sometimes, a person just wants to be heard.

Not black or white

One of the biggest reasons people do not accept each other is because they judge. It’s easy to judge others. We see everything from our own, personal perspective of black and white. The rest of the world and other people’s lives are not black and white. No two single people go through life with the same experience.

Just because you can take the pressure of life and still manage to be happy, does not mean you can expect the same from others. People are different and things aren’t always black and white. This brings us to our next point.

Wear the other person’s shoes

Once you start listening and paying attention to others, you know enough to wear their shoes. Put yourself in their position. Do you understand why they do the things they do?

Putting someone else’s shoes is about empathizing with them. Understand why they are who they are, and why they make the decisions they do.


Don’t order, don’t judge, don’t command – suggest. If you feel that you have a valuable advice to impart, if you feel that a person can make their life better – advice. Do so without judgment and without expectation. You need to give the other person space to grow.

Ultimately, by accepting others, we accept ourselves. We judge and don’t accept those around us because there is a failing on our part, in our life. Accept yourself and accept others – no’s one perfect. When you do so, you join a positive community that can help everyone grow instead of focusing on their faults.

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