The Beauty of Failure


When the New Year arrives, there is a massive focus on resolutions and achieving your goals, but what about failure. Throngs of

The Beauty of Failure2017-09-19T22:36:36-06:00

You can Change the World


Do you believe that you can't change the world? There can be an overwhelming sense of helpless when you realize how vast

You can Change the World2017-09-19T22:34:54-06:00

Why Kindness Matters?


Kindness. If you’re lucky and had a good upbringing, you’d have learnt the value of kindness. If life has been a hard

Why Kindness Matters?2017-09-19T22:32:54-06:00

Elevate Church Edmonton


Edmonton's newest Church that welcomes everyone! Elevate Church in Edmonton is for all ages.

Elevate Church Edmonton2017-09-19T22:31:01-06:00