How you begin your New Years will define the rest of your year. You want 2017 to start right. You want to make this year the best one yet. And, most importantly, you want 2017 to be the year where you achieve your dreams and hopes.

So, how can you start 2017 right? Here are some tips from us folks at Elevate Church, Edmonton.

Be a better person

Want 2017 to better than the last? Then, be a better person. If you want people to treat you better, then you better put your first step forward. Take a step back and assess your behavior. How can you be a better person?

  • Can you be more patient?
  • Can you listen more?
  • Can you give more time to others?

Let his year not only be about you. Be a better person to those around you and the favor will come back to you.

Review yourself

It’s time to perform a yearly review. It’s not so much of a review, and more of a meditation. Find the time to really get away from everything – away from work, family, and friends. What you’re looking for is a moment of isolation. A true moment where you are just with yourself.

Once you’ve got that, just sit, wonder and ponder about your life in 2016.

  • What did you achieve?
  • What did you not achieve despite really wishing for it?
  • Did you do anything you regret? Anything that, if given the chance, you would do differently?
  • How was your relationship with your family and friends? Can you improve them?

In this fast-paced, modern life, we are so in-sync with life and its speed – pausing, taking a breath, and thinking over life, is gone. This can be that moment where you regain that.

Find God

Start 2017 with God. If you haven’t found him, then you better start searching for him. God guides us through the thick and thin of life. Finding God is being able to find a part of yourself. You don’t have to do it by following the Church or following what any other person says. You can find God on your own personal journey or take that journey with similar minded people.

Sometimes, you can find God when his followers gather together. This is why participating in a community makes sense. There are many communities in Edmonton that you can go to to find God. Elevate Church, Edmonton led by Pastor Mary Lou Renaerts is one that you can join and one that will gladly welcome you and assist you in your journey to find God.

Ultimately, it is only through God that 2017 can be a blessed year for you.

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