When the New Year arrives, there is a massive focus on resolutions and achieving your goals, but what about failure. Throngs of people gather at an Edmonton Church to ask God to help them achieve their goals. If success is reaching the highest peak of a mountain, then failure is the broken steps you need to climb to reach that peak.

There has never been such a society like our modern one where everyone is pressured into being successful. Everyone is being asked to be like an Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Melinda Gates or Justin Trudeau. And, we don’t shy away from it. We all imagine ourselves being successful.

It is here that we forget the beauty and grace of failure.

To fail is to learn

When you fail, you may completely focus on the aspect that you have failed. Don’t do so. Take a step back. Assess the situation that led to failure. Failure is a learning experience. You cannot just up and up expect yourself to succeed. You need to have the knowledge, skill and experience to succeed and you only gain that through failure.

When the Beatles started out, they were unable to get a gig in their home country. Their earliest gigs were in Germany. That’s about 900 kilometers from their home country. No one wanted to hear them there. However, Germany was an opportunity to learn and practice. Not only did they refine their music style, they also picked up their mop-top hairstyle there.

Failure is a part of your spiritual journey

Jesus frequently came upon failure on Earth.

Mary of magdalene

Mary of Magdalene was one of Jesus’s most revered followers. Even when most of his Disciples had were not present at his Crucifixion, she was there. Not much is know of Mary of Magdalene’s past, but it is know that she was a prostitute. Whatever failures led her down that path, when she met Jesus, she renounced her past and became a true follower of Jesus Christ.

Simon peter

One of Peter’s most famous stories is when he denied knowing Jesus, not once or twice, but thrice. Furthermore, Jesus knew that Peter would do such a thing and told him of it. However, Jesus forgave Peter for this action. Peter, himself, after much struggling, found it in heart to forgive himself and learn from the incident.

Mary of Magdalene and Simon Peter, through their failures, became better people. It strengthened their spirituality and it bought them closer to God.


Fail as much as you need to.

Failure will make you better and stronger person. Take part in a Christian Community at a local Edmonton Church so you can learn more about failure and how we can see that turn into success.

The cost of succeeding is failing many times, that’s the beauty of failure.

Image Source: wikipedia.org