What a joy it is to introduce you to our church! You’ll discover that our passion is to provide a place where people just like you can have a life-changing experience with God.

At Elevate Church, our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. What people usually notice first about us is the friendly, exciting, and life-giving nature of our church. Our goal is to infuse life and God’s love into people and families through engaging, powerful worship gatherings that offer biblical truth in relevant and practical ways.

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Animal Kingdom 2019


It’s back! Another summer adventure through God’s Animal Kingdom of creatures who have incredible hidden messages and lessons for us as we walk the adventure of a lifetime.  5 messages that can impact your future and bring you closer to God and what it means to be a Jesus follower.

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Love Like You've Never Been Hurt

The human heart was created with a great capacity to love. But along with that comes a great capacity to feel pain. There is no denying that those who love us, who are closest to us, can wound us the most profoundly. That kind of pain can be difficult, if not impossible, to overcome or even trust again? Through biblical and modern-day stories, we will walk through how to find the strength and courage to work through your hurt, see others as God sees them, repair damaged relationships, and reach out in love.

BASED ON THE BOOK BY Jentezen Franklin

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