Happiness. It is undeniably something that all of us want.

To be happy is to:

  • Not to have problems
  • Be positive
  • To enjoy life

However, wanting to be happy, and being happy are two different things entirely. There are so many of us at Elevate Church who are always trying to reach out and grab on to happiness. For us, it may seem like that ever elusive goal. Then, we look around, we see our social media feed – and it seems like everyone is always happy!
You can always learn how to be happy from others, here are 4 common traits of happy people.

  • Happy People have a Deep Relation with God

Happy people have found God and overtime have built a strong bond with him. Having a relationship with God is about believing in something more and greater than ourselves. Are you aware that there is something greater going on than your own life?

A deep relation with God allows you to be enveloped in God’s love, grace and protection. No matter what happens, you know that he is protecting you, and you are following his path.

  • Happy People Don’t Believe Ads

The purpose of advertising is to convince everyone that this is something they just must have. We are constantly being bombarded by ads from everywhere. We’re told that our beauty, our fashion, our car, our home – isn’t good enough. We have to go out and get some product to make our lives better.

This can quite simply leave any person dissatisfied in life. Dissociate yourself from advertisements. Every time you see an ad, remind yourself that’s just what it is – an ad. It’s not the holy truth.

And, more than anything – APPRECIATE who you and what you already have. Whether it’s your home, your body or your life, learn to be satisfied with it. Appreciate what you have now.

  • Happy People Give Back to the World

Happy people give back to the world in various forms. It can be by just being kind despite the harshness around them. They are the ones who are the first to help. You’ll find them as volunteers helping those in need.

  • Happy People are Optimists

Read any news medium and it is filled with negative news. Death and war and murder. It’s easy to be a pessimist and always see the dark side of life. Happy people chose to be optimists. They hope that people will make the right choice, and they hope that tomorrow will be better.

There is no doubt that being happy is difficult. There are innumerable reasons for you to be unhappy.

BUT, can you right now, regardless of how bad your situation is – just be happy. Be happy for who you are. Be happy for those around you. Be happy for the few things that you do have. And, be happy because God has never forgotten about you.

If you are struggling to find happiness in life and you need help, you reach out to Elevate Church community. We regularly have community meetings and sessions that you can join.