No family can live in isolation from the society. We need people around us to socialize as well as to share in each other’s joys and sorrows. In fact, when you help neighbors, it also brings a sense of joy that you were able to help them during their time of need. However, that’s just one aspect of being a good neighbor. A good neighbor is one who is a part of the community and a good friend.

There are many ways to be a good neighbor, some of them are explained below.


Want to be a better neighbor? Well, then the first and most obvious thing to do is – talk with your neighbor. Communicating with each other is a great way of building a healthy relationship. This does not mean that you keep on talking to each other for hours. If you do not have enough time to talk to your neighbor, a simple greeting is sufficient to show your regard.

Once you break the ice, start learning about each.

What do you talk about? Well, the good, the bad and the ugly. As neighbors, talk about what interests you, about what’s happening in your lives and around the world.

From there, you begin to know each other better.


Neighbors form a part of the extended family in your community. If you have a birthday party or a celebration at your place, don’t forget to invite your neighbors. It’s a good gesture of showing the them that ‘I want you to be a part of my happiness.’ Moreover, they’ll feel delighted to be a part of the celebration. If they are unable to make it, then do not be judgmental. Give your neighbor another chance!


A good neighbor is the one who is concerned with the well-being of his neighbor. If there have been some recent crimes or some unfortunate incidences in your locality, it is better to keep your neighbor updated about the same.  And, if there if there is any event, like special garbage pickups, in your locality, don’t forget to tell your neighbors.

Backyard activities

You don’t want your actions to have an effect on your neighbors. So, certain activities that you conduct in your backyard, such as putting a bonfire, setting up a barbecue or playing loud music should be limited. You must ensure that the smoke and smell does not blow to your neighbor’s property. At the same time, your backyard should be kept clean. A dirty backyard is certainly going to annoy your neighbor.

Reach out

Aware that your neighbor is in trouble? Well, reaching out to your neighbor in his time of emergency is one of the best qualities of being a good neighbor. It does not matter whether your neighbor has helped you before or not. Moreover, if there have been any differences, it’s better to forgive your neighbor and help him in the time of need.

Be a good neighbor, be a good friend and be a part of the community. When you help neighbors, do not expect anything in return. One of the ways to be a good neighbor is to help the other person without any condition. Your neighbors aren’t the only ones that reside in your neighborhood. The people around you can all be termed as your neighbors.

A neighbor is a friend you can have right around the corner. If you are the kind of person who wants to have lifelong friends and neighbors, then find a community that is wholesome and has good neighbors too!

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